Kinross and South Perthshire

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Whether it's a treat for yourself, or a gift for a friend, when you choose to shop locally in lockdown you're spreading the love and helping a small KINROSS AND SOUTH PERTHSHIRE business as well cheering up your lucky recipient. 

Let's be honest folks; we all love to see a parcel arriving in the post. In fact these days it's THE social event in my weekly calendar! 

But if you're like us you want to keep supporting the many wonderful small businesses who make shopping in Kinross and South Perthshire so fantastic.

Please Note: We've only just gone live with this and will be populating it over the weeks ahead. If you'd like to add your Kinross and South Perthshire based businesses to our list please click on our form here and complete your details.

Makers, Artists and Galleries

Uncorked Crafts Kinross

Handmade unique and personalised gifts for all occasions

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Phone: 07867381363


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