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I Am Team GB

By 26th August 2016

There is no secret surrounding our love of a local sporting hero and so when Stephen Milne swam to Silver victory at the Rio Olympic Games last month we were on the ceiling with excitement.  Imagine our collective blood pressure then, when we heard we could join in with a huge FREE sports day AND meet the man of the moment himself - Live Active Leisure, we're high-fiving you on the hour every hour for this one!

FRIDAY 26th AUGUST: News just in that local Olympic hero Stephen Milne Swimmer, will be at Perth Leisure Pool tonight, Friday 26th August, from 6pm when he'll be happy to pose for selfies with all of his fans. Holly is ditching the dog walking and Rhona has move baby Freya's tea time. We're ready! #TeamGB #PerthPioneer

SATURDAY 27th AUGUST: The nation's Olympic heroes will join in with all of us regular Joes to create the nation's biggest ever sports day. I Am Team GB is running up and down the country and we're all invited to take part in this FREE event!

Here in Perth and Kinross, LAL is leading the charge (of course!) and offering FREE swimming and sportshall activities to all kids 15 and under. No catch, no secret agenda, just a big old celebration of sports, our Olympic Heroes (and the fact that we have bragging rights to 67 medals including Stephen Milne's Silver right here in Perth.) 

The event is supported by the National Lottery who currently fund 1300 Olympic athletes and will take place in partnership with the British Olympic Association, UK Sport and is supported by Join In.  

Here in Perth, LAL is extremely proud to bolster the support given by offering our local athletes access to the Talented Athlete Scheme.  Stephen, Camilla Hattersley and Eilidh Doyle (nee childs) all competed and have all been supported by this great scheme at some point (Stephen still is!).  

As well as this, they also help support coaches like Ann Dixon who has been instrumental in the success of both Stephen and Camilla as well as providing support to Perth City Swim club and the next generation of swimmers. 

Now... as well as supporting these exceptional perfomance athletes LAL also want to make sure YOU build a love of sport which is why they were quick to sign up to the I Am Team GB Sports Day.  So pull out your swimmie, pack your trainers and find your Mum a referee's whistle, this is all about joining in and annoucing that #IAmTeamGB. 

Please do share this on and send us your pics of your sporting fun - we've heard that a certain Silver Medallist will be joining in across various venues so do look out for Stephen and make sure to grab selfie for us! 


If you'd like to find out more about how LAL can help athletes or coaches then please click through:

Talented Athlete Scheme -

Coaching -

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