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Heather Small In Perth

By 3rd March 2016

Lady Miss Emma, our intrepid new reviewer, kick starts her #SmallCity life with a review of Heather Small at Perth Concert Hall. What a combination! 

I’m sure if you were a youngster of the 90’s (like myself!) you will have some sort of affinity with M People. Love or hate them you can’t deny knowing all the lyrics to at least one of their numerous hits.

Well, the 90’s Revival Party really did happen when Heather Small took to the Horsecross Stage on Tuesday night.

Equipped with her 5 piece band (we’ll talk more about them later) she strutted onto the stage to “One Night in Heaven” looking exactly as I remember her from the 90’s. She hasn’t actually changed a bit (what is her secret?!).

Clad in a tight fitting denim cat suit and looking fantastic, Heather was on TOP singing form and even though it was a school night, the Perth audience were as up for it as any audience could possibly be!

Her hardcore fans accumulated at the front of the stage and were dancing long before she even sang the first line. They fuelled the rest of the audience to get into the spirit of a 90’s pop music party and everyone started to have a rare old time. 

Her band were a five piece ensemble with two smiley, dancey, fabby, backing singers, a drummer, bassist and the FANTASTIC Snake Davis who was the entire Brass section all by himself.

Snake played tenor, alto, soprano sax and flute. At one point during the performance he had a flute in his hands and a sax around his shoulders and was alternating between the two. It really was “A Sight for Sore Eyes”. 

There were a few cover versions which popped up in the set, “Pearl's a Singer” by Elkie Brooks. A cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and "Valerie", made famous of course by Amy Winehouse.  But it was when Heather belted out her own material that she and the audience really came alive. It was one of those situations where you forget how many hits she had and you find yourself singing your heart out to lyrics you didn’t even know that you remembered.

When she announced that she was singing her last song there was collective sound of disappointment; everyone was genuinely enjoying themselves and noone wanted it to end.

The crowd cheered for an encore and she reappeared to the sounds of Moving On Up!  BRILLIANT! The whole audience were on their feet dancing; the fans at the front were shaking her hands and she even stopped to take a couple of photos with them.

Horsecross: Heather SmallThis reviewer was very impressed and touched by how gracious Heather was with her fans. She bantered with them and was patient and very generous with her time. (A skill she could well pass onto to some of the more precious musicians in the business!) She came across as very humble, grounded and appreciative which made her music all the more uplifting, fun and positive.

Ask yourself “What have YOU done today to make you feel proud” Heather can definitely answer that one with “The Perth gig!

She and her band were fantastic and she did us ALL proud.


A bizzare thanks must go to Linda Hill of Murrays The Bakers for the fabulous photo of Heather on stage at Perth Concert Hall

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