Small City Crafts: Bunny Selfie Mask

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Hi - my name's Hannah and I am craft crazy. There. I said it. When Rhona asked me to write a monthly family craft column on Small City I couldn't wait to get started and share my love of all things crafty; when armed with simple 'ingredients' like twine, ribbon, glitter, sequins, card, felt, paints and of course good old PVA the possibilities are endless!

As a child, I always loved art days at school. From making a mother's day card to decorating my costume for the nativity play I was at my happiest when in the vicinity of a crimping scissor.

Bunny Selfie Hannah workingAs a kid there's nothing quite as satisfying as being covered in glitter, hands glued together, new jeans that were supposed to be kept for best plastered with paint (sorry mum!) and running to show off to the adults the masterpiece you've created for them!

Parents, grandparents, aunties & uncles can all relive that excitement by rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in with the little ones. Each month I'll be bringing you step-by-step instructions on how to create something special without too much stress, mess or expense!

Now....let's get crafting!

Are you fed up of Easter bonnets, fuzzy chicks and painting boiled eggs? Me too! Not to worry, #SmallCityCrafts will save the day with this on trend Easter bunny selfie mask!


You will need:

Paper plate | Cotton wool balls | PVA glue | White and pink paper or card (for ears)| Pink, Grey or Silver pipe cleaners (for whiskers) | lolly pop stick | Cellotape

Step 1: Make two large bunny ear shapes with the white paper, and create two smaller versions of the same shape using the pink card. Glue the pink shapes on top of the white shapes to create your bunny ears.

Step 2: Carefully remove the inner circle (the flat part) from a paper plate so that it looks like a giant polo mint.

Step 3: Take one paper plate, and glue the ears on behind it.

Step 4: Cellotape a lolly pop stick behind the paper plate at the bottom, with a long enough part peeking out for you to hold. You can also layer up with a second paper plate at this stage to make the mask even sturdier when it's finished.

Bunny Selfie finishedStep 5: Cut your pipe cleaners in half so you have a few 'pairs' to use as whiskers. Stick these to the back of the plate at either side using cellotape or glue.

Step 6: Get your cotton balls out! You'll need to drizzle PVA glue all around the front of the plate, before covering it with the cotton balls, making sure to fill all the gaps.

Step 7: Take your selfie!


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The Easter bunny is hopping into St John’s on Saturday 31st April - find out more about this fun event which includes an Easter Egg hunt and bunny-themed crafts here. 

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