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Feeling Festive!


Well I was going to say I wasn’t feeling particularly Christmassy yet, but one flurry of snow this morning and I’m walking around the house singing Boney M.

I love all the build-up of the festive season; everyone seems to be just a little bit nicer to each other, there’s twinkly lights and yummy food everywhere, and I get to wear a giant cosy scarf every day! 

Family Spotlight Christmas Fireplace

The downside of any big occasion like this is that it inevitably reminds you of that time in previous years. Like many people I also associate Christmas with some not so great memories, and usually feel like I’m fighting a battle between acknowledging those things without letting them pervade the current season. This time last year I was probably the happiest I’ve ever been-pregnant, and looking not unlike a stuffed turkey myself, I couldn’t wait to meet our baby and become a mum.

To be brutally honest, Christmas lost its ‘magic’ for me a long time ago. My husband on the other hand believes he was one of Santa’s Elves in another life.  From cryptic clues on presents and an ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ themed Christmas where I had to do homemade Bushtucker trials for each present, to confirming that Santa has been by the presence of his and Rudolphs footprints, he has made it his mission to restore the magic.

 Family Spotlight Christmas Maxwell kidsI’ve also seen through the eyes of my niece and nephew in recent years how exciting it is for them. I can't wait for the time to come when we're pulling crackers, telling bad jokes and playing silly games with Freya around the table. It's important to remember that it is those little touches, personal to each family, which make Christmas special as much as anything else.

Having recently decided not to return to my old work, and finding myself working from home with Small City, in so many ways this year will mark a new beginning for us, and a chance to start our own family traditions and memories. Last year I had to put my feet up, relinquishing cooking duties apart from the roast potatoes but I’ll be cooking up a feast again after our annual trip to Perth Farmer's Market.

Family Spotlight Christmas FreyaI thought I knew what it would feel like this year, but my life is unrecognisable and for once I couldn’t be happier about not knowing what the future holds.

Freya has her wee Mrs Claus outfit sorted, I’m looking forward to wrapping presents and watching my husband enjoy creating the magic for a new generation. Now we just need to buy a Christmas tree and find Santa!

Right, I’m off to make some mince pies…



We'd like to wish all the families of Perthshire, Scotland and the world a very merry, joyous Christmas. 

With Much Love, Rhona & Freya



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