Easter Holiday activities!

Rhona Maxwell

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With the school holidays almost halfway through, looking for activities that will burn off lots of energy is certain to be high on most parents’ to-do lists.  You may be motivated simply by a desire to keep them occupied but did you know that building a love of sport from a young age is a great way to ensure your child grows up healthy, active and confident.

It is universally accepted that physical activity helps to develop so much more than a big appetite and extra washing and with a little gentle encouragement even the most avid computer gamer will love the freedom and enjoyment of physical activity.

Live Active Easter DanceBy fitting in just 60 minutes a day, you can help your child strengthen their muscles, keep a healthy weight and beat the stresses that come from being a kid or teenager in today’s high-tech world.

Live Active Leisure, Perth and Kinross’s independent leisure trust, actively encourage all children to move more and although they provide fun, safe environments for children to join in organised activities, they are also keen to remind parents that simple, active play is always a good thing. 

Activities which involve movements of all the major muscle groups such as swinging from a climbing frame or riding a bike, and those which get your kids a little out of breath like running and chasing games or skipping to shops, all count towards that magic number of minutes.

Live Active Easter 2016 BasketballIf you prefer a little more structure you will find many opportunities across Perth & Kinross. From fun, drop-in sessions for pre-schoolers through to teenage only gym sessions, you will find a huge variety of classes and organised clubs run by professional organisations such as Live Active Leisure, via local community groups or other parents.

Like adults, exercise will keep your child’s heart strong, their weight healthy and their mental wellbeing intact and as an added bonus you will also find these key additional benefits: 

GIVE THEM A CONFIDENCE BOOST: Sports and physical activity develops children’s self-esteem giving them the confidence to make friends, build leadership skills and develop empathy. 

HELP THEM BECOME SMART:  Simple biology tells us that the boost in oxygen levels brought about by exercise helps the brain work better. Because of this, active children have improved memory and better concentration levels both in school and out of it. 

KEEP THEM WELL: Active children have a stronger immune system and better all-round health.  Keeping fit and healthy helps the body’s ability to fight off unwanted bugs making sporty kids less prone to colds, allergies and diseases.

PROMOTE HEALTHY RESTING: One of the main benefits of exercise kicks in when they head to bed; as with adults, children who keep active will enjoy a better quality of sleep.  And let’s face it, when their sleep is improved, so is yours!

Here’s the remaining availability for Live Active Leisure’s Easter kids programme;

Live Active Easter SwimmingPerth Leisure Pool

Diving (13.30 - 14.00)

Improver Kayaking has 3 spaces left 14.00  - 15.00

Live Active Loch Leven (Kinross)

Sport 'n' Splash Camps have been a success since their introduction in Summer 2015. They replaced the Full Day Camps with Sport 'n' Splash and instantly saw sessions busy up from a handful of kids over the entire holiday period to fully booked (20 kids) each week!

Kids attend 09.30 - 15:30 Monday - Friday and are based at Loch Leven Community Campus where they take part in everything from Athletics to Fitness Training, Football to Hockey, Climbing Wall to Treasure Hunts and much more. Each day the kids also visit Live Active Loch Leven for an hour in the pool where they play Water Polo, Snorkelling, Lifeguarding and on Friday this culminates with a session on the Aquarun.

Football Camp (4 spaces) (Mon - Fri 13:00 - 15:00).

Live Active Easter 2016 FootballStrathearn Community Campus (Crieff)

Bounce around Tuesday 10.00-11.00am.

Aquathlon camp. 11.15am-12.15pm,8+ years, £4.50 per session .There’s also an Aquathlon event  on 24th June, and they’re taking bookings for the new term time Aquathlon class.

Football - 10.00-11.00am, 5-7 years, £3.50 per session

In-service days (17/4/17-18/4/17)

Full day camps - 8.00am-6.00pm, 5-11 years, £17.50 per day

Breadalbane Community Campus (Aberfeldy)


Wee Springers (18 months - 3 years) 9.15-9.45am / 3 years - 5 years 10-10.45am

Bounce around 1100-1300


Football Drop-in P1-P3 1300-1400 / P4-P7 1400-1500

Gymnastics Drop-in P1-P3 Girls 1600-1700 / P1-P7 Boys 1700-1800 / P4-S2 Girls 1800-1900

Live Active Easter DanceWednesday:

Kickabout 3-5 years 1100-1200

Game Time P1-P7 1300-1500


Rookie Lifeguard  P4-P7 - 1100-1200

Dance 3years - P3 1300-1400 / P4-P7 1400-1500 / S1+ 1500-1600 (Their dance classes are always popular!)


Bounce around 18 months - 5 years 1000-1200


Pool inflatable Age 8+ (under 8s can attend if accompanied by an adult) must be able to swim 10m unaided 1330-1430

Live Active Atholl (Pitlochry)

Game Time  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 1400-1600 and Friday 1300-1500 for P1 - P7. 

Gymnastics Drop in sessions on a Wednesday evening, P1-P3 1615-1715 and P4-P7 1715-1815Live Active Easter Kids inside

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