Small City Crafts: Dinosaur Headpiece

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There's loads of cool dinosaur themed events and exhibitions happening in Perth at the moment (see our family events section here> for details!), which got me thinking....what crafty thing could I help little ones knock up that they could take along with them, or just enjoy making.

This one's great as it looks impressive, but is super simple to make. Your kids can always think of a name for this new 'species' of dinosaur, or style it to look like their favourite!

You will need;

Four sheets of A4 green paper or card | Scissors | Glue | Cellotape | Bubble wrap | Green paint

Step 1: Gently Dip your bubble wrap in paint or use a paint brush to get a more even covering. The more paint you use - the longer it'll take to dry! I chose blue for my scales but feel free to use different colours, or even mix some together.

Step 2: Dab the painted bubble wrap on to paper or card, covering all of the paper with the paint (do this on four A4 pieces of paper).


Step 3: Once all four sheets of paper are dry (if you're impatient like me...just give it a swizz with the hairdryer!), you're ready to cut and start making your dinosaur.

Step 4: Cut one sheet of paper into two lengthways strips

Step 5:To make the headband, take both strips and join them together at each side using glue or cellotape. You can try this on first to make it a good fit around their head.

Dinosaur Craft - Side profileStep 6: Cut two sheets of card/paper up into slimmer strips, and join them all together to make a long line (or tail, in this case!)

Step 7: Cut the rest of your card up into arrow shapes - these don't need to be perfect but should fold over on themselves.

Step 8: Fold each arrow shape over around the 'tail' you created in Step 6, and add them to the dinosaur headband or make a crown over the top. 

Step 9: You did it! Now give me your best ROOOOAAARRR!!!


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