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Colour Your Way to Culture

By 29th March 2017

One of the most wonderful things about the bid for the City of Culture is that it has brought together people from all walks of life. The idea that we, as a group of local folks, could play an individual part in making this happen has in itself been a huge boost for our Small City’s confidence and has galvanised us into a shared vision of a vibrant, cultural place to live.

Of course, that vision is different for everyone because our idea of what culture is differs from person to person; and the best thing about that is there is no right and wrong. Everyone has a valid opinion.  I might want to stand in the stalls of a concert, bouncing in unison with my fellow fans and you might want to wander quietly through a gallery on a rainy Sunday afternoon with only the paintings for company – and we’d both be soaking up culture.

So when Louise Robertson set out to join in the bid her idea to combine her passion for history, Perth and children’s literature was a perfect fit for this glorious melting pot of cultural activity.

Having taught Art and Design for nine years Louise has always embraced a love of art but it wasn’t until she moved to Naperville USA – she has been living between there and her home here in Perth – that her creative talents really came to the fore.

She created a beautiful series of children’s books starting with the wonderful Naperville Nodders which she writes and illustrates herself.   She had a wonderful response to the series and her subsequent book, Woofy Woo Woo, that when she heard about Perth’s City of Culture bid she decided she just had to get involved.

“I fell in love with Perth from my very first visit and this year my husband and I have been right behind all of the exciting opportunities that have appeared. For years I’ve been saying that the history and public art around Perth would make a great story or illustrations and so when I heard about the bid I became very excited and decided that now was the time to do something about those ideas.”

Louise’s ideas have resulted in these fun, educational Perth 2021 colouring sheets which can be downloaded from her website.  Colouring is, she tells us, a great way to get everyone involved in art.  Think about it: the simple act of adding colour to bring something to life is one that we often leave behind as children and yet in recent years the upsurge in adult colouring books as a method of relaxation and mindfulness has been staggering.   Louise’s sheets will bring you all the calm you need with a handy history lesson on the culture of Perth as you go!

Louise Roberston City of CultureResearching the sheets and determined to delve deeper into some of the history she began to unearth, Louise followed her curiosity into Perth’s ancient Pictish heritage and has created a small range of Pictish language t-shirts for those who’d like to wear their passion for the bid on their chest!

“I’ve just been announced as a Perth Pioneer which is very exciting and I’m so pleased to be able to get involved in Perth 2021and to be here to soak up the atmosphere and creative vibe of the city as it prepares for the City of Culture bid.”

Download Louise’s City of Culture Colouring Sheets here>>>

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