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12 week transformations at Club300!


We’re big fans of Club300- an exclusive gym in Perth-so when owner Mike let us know how well some of their clients have done on a recent 12 week transformation programme we wanted to hear (and see!) more.

Following a 12 week training and nutritional programme, two committed members of Club300, along with staff members Kelsey and Marie, recently showed off their results in a special photo shoot. All four of them have made incredible changes to their lifestyle as well as body composition, and although some of them are still striving for specific goals they’re now well on their way to reaching them. The team at Club300 aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge to get the most out of not only your sessions with them but to make wise choices and live a more active life outwith the gym.

Club300 offer a range of membership options (full details here). They're also reducing their Platinum Membership to £50 from £59 as a special promotion which means everyone can now get access to the full facility including group training sessions and anytime access to the gym for just £50 per month. Don't worry- current members on the £59 rate will be getting the reduction from 1st Oct to mark their first year birthday. Here’s a wee video to give you an idea of what to expect from Club300;

The 12 week transformation programme includes small group training sessions with a coach, which incorporate a variety of strength and conditioning methods. This, paired with a strict and closely monitored nutritional plan has seen the group shed excess body fat and increase their muscle mass. The participants also learn how to fuel, train and recover efficiently, meaning they can continue on their fitness journey long after the programme ends. Mike is also always on hand to answer questions and give advice, not to mention encourage and motivate when it's needed!

There are a couple of criteria for being accepted onto the 12 week transformation programme; candidates must be injury free and have a base level of fitness to be able to complete the workouts. For those who are looking for a transformation but don't feel confident they meet the criteria they can complete 8 weeks group training and make some progress getting a better balance in life- Club300 will then help them look at nutrition as well as improving things like their sleep pattern and activity/rest times. Club300 Transformations group before

So...what actually happens during the 12 weeks?

Initial Enquiry/Introduction

At your initial meeting they’ll set you up to succeed by putting you on the correct programme; whether that's a 12 week transformation, group training or personal training. They might suggest one of the latter options so they can assess your base level before getting started.

Nutritional Guidance and Monitoring

During the 12 weeks the group must use an online food app to track what they are eating (no cheating!). They are each given a set of macronutrient targets to hit daily and weekly weigh-ins so they can see the effect the balance of macros and kcals has had on not only their weight but body fat percentage. They tweak the targets accordingly each week if required- and it’s great for everyone to see their own progress in black and white!Club300 Transformations group after

Online Support

It can be tough for someone to make huge life changes for the first time, and particularly over the first few weeks the online group support team are there to answer questions 24hrs a day if needed.

Structured Programme

Each client follows a 12 week programme which is split into 4 x 3 cycles. The coaches train the clients twice per week on Monday and Thursday mainly which means the client then has to also complete another 2-4 sessions (depending on which cycle) themselves or with someone else from the group. This enables the client to take some ownership and accountability for their own progress and development. 


Each week clients hit targets, train hard, make new friends and improve their knowledge on how to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Let's face it; we all like to look and feel great and that's what the 12 weeks is all about; giving participants the tools to then continue on themselves and even pass that knowledge and awareness down to the next generation.

Read what participants on the first 12 week transformation programme had to say about it;

Club300 Transformations MarieMarie

"So if truth be told, I am today in a place physically and mentally where I wanted to be 2 years ago. In March 2014, I wanted to drop weight, tone up, become stronger, faster & better with my cycling & running and be able to do 1 'Chin-Up'. However, The Boss (aka Mike) would continually remind me about the importance of nutrition. For 2 years I tried to be good. Having a sweet tooth and enjoying fine wines being my downfall.

Jumping to March 2016, I was heavier than I was in March 2014, with body fat up. I saw the 12 week Transformation as a last ditch attempt to get my figure back. For 12 weeks I was strict with the Proteins, Carbs and Fat intake. I surprised myself -12 weeks without any alcohol was easy but living without chocolate was really, really tough.

Mike has been fully supportive throughout. With twice weekly monitored training sessions, continued nutritional advice, a detailed exercise schedule to follow, sticking to my macros & working closely with my fellow Transformation buddies, I have today come a long way, achieving my goal to get below 18% body fat."

Club300 Transformations JaleenJALEEN

"I have been working with Mike for a few years now both with nutrition and training.

When I first met with Mike, I was that typical girl who was ridiculously "cardio happy" and although my eating habits were good and I was eating all the right kinds of food, my intake was nowhere near what it should have been. After my first nutrition consultation, Mike increased my kcals and adjusted my macros (which I initially freaked out over, thinking I would put on the weight I had lost) but I went with it and rapidly saw better changes in my body. My muscle mass increased and I had more definition and kept my body fat low. I also noticed pretty quickly both my strength and energy increased massively!

Having the group support that the 12-week plan offers really helped. We worked regularly together every week as well as our planned sessions with Mike - this is a tough plan so having a good group of people made it fun and enjoyable!

We had to plan and prep our meals ahead to make sure we hit macronutrient targets each day which overall makes the process easier, along with a private group chat which meant Mike was always on hand to answer questions or give advice when needed. I would highly recommend doing this plan if you want to lose weight the right way, to maintain it and gain knowledge of nutrition at the same time - none of this fad or liquid diet nonsense!"

Club300 Transformations KelseyKELSEY

"Being a personal trainer, I know how much I need to be a role model to my clients. I have always been in 'good' shape. I've been the same weight and the same dress size since I was 17, I've never really changed.

I’ve lost track of how many times with a summer or a big event looming I would count back 12 weeks from then and start a diet and exercise plan, only for it to all cave in after about week 4. 

I was fed up of starting, stopping and getting nowhere. I joined club300 in November, started to work there in January and it has honestly changed my life. I joined the 12-week transformation as I needed motivation and a push.

It was really tough and I had a few nights of contemplating a biscuit with my cup of tea but I'm so proud to be able to say I never gave in! I gave myself 12 weeks to change and I thought I wouldn't keep it up after finishing. I have. It's a lifestyle. And although I might not be as strict it has given me confidence in knowing I can do it. I'm looking forward to keeping up my training and keeping in contact with the group."

The current 12 week transformation programme at Club300 is full, and the next one is anticipated to run from February 2017 so drop them a line if you’re thinking about signing up.

Club300 will also shortly be starting an 8 week online based nutritional transformation group where the focus is solely on nutrition, although there will be tips on staying active.

Full contact details for Club300 can be found on our directory>>>

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