Better Than This

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Perth folk really are pretty decent aren’t they? Following on from the Cultural Community Day in Perth last month, Perth indie-rock band We Came From Wolves recorded a special Christmas version of their single ‘I Need Something’, re-named, ‘Better Than This’, with the help of Gaelic vocal group Horsecross Glè singing backing vocals.

100% of the proceeds from the Single, which costs just £1, will go directly to local charity Churches Action for The Homeless ( CATH)  to help tackle homelessness, loneliness, poverty and mental illness for those in need within the community.

Community Day 2021 We Came From WolvesDownload ‘Better Than This’ now here>>

It’s not often that a song’s lyrics really resonate these days, but the words to ‘Better Than This’ are thought provoking and poignant at a time of year when many of us are running around the shops and enjoying things in abundance.


I’ve been away from the town I call home, the faces that grace it, the places we’ve grown.

Corner of my own, to be there for all, I feel my faith throughout her, forever unknown because I need something, I just need something better than this.

When I cast my mind back there, to the jumpers for goals, to the late summer nights we all spent in defiance of the cold.

And the ritual of Thursdays, with a life to atone, and how you’d kill to have it all like that again, I can’t be alone.

Because, I need something, I just need something better than this.

Download ‘Better Than This’ now here>>

We Came From Wolves guitarThe band’s members Kyle, Rob, Andy & Michael had this to say about it;

“We feel strongly about the issue of homelessness on our doorstep, It's hard to fathom that with the grotesque wealth possessed by those in power, there are still vast amounts of people who go hungry, cold and forgotten. People like you and I who, for many reasons, have nothing, no-one and no sign of optimism for anything coming to change that, hence the re-naming of the track for this fund raiser.

We need to do better for them.

It's not the fault of the honest working citizen...but no-one else is going to help our brothers and's down to the people to help how we can, no matter how small a help that is...positive action and raising awareness creates real change, do what you can, get involved, become aware.

For us, that's making music and donating a little bit of money to help those in need within our community, but we haven't done it alone!

This track means a lot to us, it's about our home town, but striving for something couldn't be more suited to this cause and has taken on a new lease of life with additional instrumentation and vocals.

The support we have received for this band has been phenomenal since the beginning and we are truly thankful as it grows and continues, we humbly ask you support this cause in however a small or grand way you can...together we can truly make things better for people who have very little.”We Came From Wolves black and white

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