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Bälans Pilates Studio offers a range of classes to help you shape up!


Now is the time to get fit for Summer, but Spring in Scotland  can still have a wintry feel to it, so it’s worth your while finding a comfortable place to train.

Bälans Pilates Studio & Treatment Rooms is one of the most comfortable options available.  Despite being Scotland’s largest Pilates Studio, this place is still small enough to make you feel warm and welcome.  Whether you want to improve your core and posture with Pilates or feel the burn with BarreConcept the thoughtful decor sets you in the mood for intelligent movement.  If you are learning Pilates for the first time or wanting to get fit again with your baby it feels great to know that you and your baby can lie on a clean mat in a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Get Fit Balans Reception area newBälans runs New Beginners Pilates Classes every 6 weeks, so it’s never too late to start improving your physique from the inside out.  Pilates challenges the smaller postural muscles and helps to make you more supple.  Many people with back pain find Pilates is a revelation.

Wellbeing Balans ApparatusBälans is the only Studio in Perth to offer Apparatus Pilates Classes.  In the UK most people have only seen Matwork Pilates, but Joseph Pilates originally also devised several pieces of apparatus to help people “get the Pilates method in their bodies”.  Each piece of apparatus has its own repertoire of exercises, and some make use of adjustable springs to provide resistance which challenges the muscles in new and positive ways.

If you are pregnant and due to have a summer baby, Bälans has special Antenatal Pilates classes designed specifically for pregnant women looking to make the most of their experience. You can join this class at any time with no previous Pilates experience.

Wellbeing Balans Fitdankbaby beltfitdankbaby® is a new fitness concept for mums and their babies. If your aim is to get fit again for summer after having had your baby, then these classes are excellent.  fitdankbaby® is a carefully designed concept that offers an effective, safe and exciting class for mum and baby, working on your overall fitness, target all problematic areas and improve your beach body. Read a review of these classes by #RhonaRecommends on Small City here>>>

BarreConcept gets you Ballerina Fit for Summer!

BarreConcept is a unique ballet barre workout, set to high-energy music, which dramatically transforms the entire body.  Tone your thighs, lift your butt, sculpt your arms while flattening your tummy! Blending Pilates and Ballet, this class burns fat with no running, no jumping, and no strain on your joints.

Wellbeing Balans Barreconcept largeThis programme has been created to cater for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, so there is You can join this class with no previous experience as Bälans keeps all classes small enough for safe and effective training. 

Bälans Pilates Studio has a great range of classes all hosted in a lovely setting.  There is plenty of free parking and easy access for buggies.

If you want to start your summer holidays early, pop in to Bälans for a free taster any time.  Their friendly and highly trained instructors will show you how they can make a huge difference to the body you want to have when it’s time to hit the beach. 

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