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Pregnancy Peace of Mind

By 1st March 2017

When I found out I was pregnant I suddenly became very aware of the importance of looking after myself. Stress during the 12 months prior meant that I’d put on weight, and suddenly what I put into my own body, or how I treated it, was at the forefront of my mind. I started eating better, avoiding caffeine and cutting down on sugar.

Pregnancy seemed to go very quickly for me. Still relatively new to Perthshire I wasn’t particularly well connected then, and with hindsight wish I’d known about some of the opportunities there are locally to make the best of that potentially once in a lifetime experience.

Tay Medispa new outsideTay Medispa in Perth, set in a beautifully renovated Victorian Villa on York Place, opened it’s doors only a few short months ago and are about to launch not one but four specialist antenatal services. And what a set of doors it is to walk through! Like stepping into a Harley Street Clinic (but without the price tag); owners Simon and Julia have created a stunning yet relaxed environment.

They’ve brought together some of the leading practitioners and therapists available to provide the following antenatal services from 6th March;

Clinical Hypnotherapy

No matter how much you look forward to being pregnant, for many mums it can be filled with fears and anxiety about the months ahead, labour or birth itself. Nicole, from ‘Therapy In The City’ provides sessions for expectant mums where they learn the tools to relax and enjoy the journey ahead with confidence. It’s also common in pregnancy develop medical phobias; I suffered with so called ‘white coat syndrome’ where my blood pressure was high at every midwife or doctors’ appointment, and many others will worry about the inevitable monitoring or blood tests necessary.

Tay Medispa new receptionHumans are in fact the only mammals with the cognitive ability to question their competancy to carry babies or give birth- every other mammal just trusts their body to get on with it.

The ‘hypnoanalysis’ sessions with Nicole work by addressing the root cause of your fears and focus on altering your subconscious thoughts. For those that worry about hypnosis requiring you to be in some kind of trance, be reassured that’s there no mind control involved here; in fact the whole concept is about giving you back control of your thoughts. The relaxed state you find yourself in during the sessions is self-imposed, able to be replicated outside the sessions, and identical to the one we all experience when we feel on ‘auto-pilot’.

These sessions are suitable to start at any point during pregnancy.

The Baby Scan Company

I kick myself every time I think of how few photos I have of me when pregnant (a grand total of 2). At the time I thought I’d remember the look and feel of pregnancy forever but, alas, it feels like a different lifetime now. Due to some early concerns we had our first scan at 6 weeks, and I carried that blurry little picture everywhere with me until Freya was in my arms. How  I wish I’d found ‘The Baby Scan Company’, now operating from Tay Medispa.

They offer all types of scans (2D and 4D), from early on, and can determine gender from 15 weeks. Many parents take great reassurance from being able to have an extra scan which can monitor the growth, as well as it helping them to bond with the baby.

All scans are performed by highly experienced Ultrasound Clinical Specialist Mo who has over 18 years NHS and private medical scanning experience, and over 12 years dedicated to 4D. Mo prides herself in providing a relaxing, informative and special experience, using state-of-the-art equipment to obtain the best quality images possible for parents to take home.

Tay Medispa new massage towelsSpecialist Maternity Massage

Rebecca, former graduate and Student of the Year from the prestigious Mary Reid International Spa Academy as well as experience of working in 5-star hotels, can offer specialised maternity massages, tailored for you and focusing on the body and scalp. 

Regular massages during pregnancy can help relieve pain in the lower back, achy muscles or general tension. It’s important that safe massage techniques are used, and these specialist massages incorporate lymph drainage to help with fluid retention in the hands and feet.

Even in a straightforward pregnancy, there’s a certain amount of discomfort from things like heartburn, sore hips and difficulty sleeping that’s just part of the deal when in the business of making a baby. I suffered with headaches from tension in my shoulders and only when I started going for regular massages (something I’d never done before) did it ease.

It’s also worth considering massage as a way of aiding recovery after birth or surgery- your body has been through a lot, and it’s a great way to take some time out and regenerate.


Homeopathy is used to treat people rather than illnesses. It enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself, and is now the second largest form of Medicine in the world.

Tay Medispa offer Homeopathy clinics for both acute and chronic problems, and are keen for pregnant women to know that homeopathic natural remedies are considered completely safe to take at all stages of pregnancy and labour. 

Homeopathy works effectively in a wide variety of acute and chronic problems including infectious disease, allergies, gynaecological difficulties, digestive problems. 

Practicioner Blance Golder will go through your medical history, and listen to any concerns you have about your physical, mental and emotional health. There is an emphasis on the connection between mind and body, and a recognition of how stress have can manifest itself in physical symptoms.

During pregnancy Homeopathy can particularly help with issues like nausea, backache & heartburn, which can be difficult to treat with traditional medications.

Full contact details for Tay Medispa can be found on our directory>>>


Tay Medispa offer a range of Medical, Healthcare, Aesthetics & Beauty treaments, in affordable luxury.

They’re having an official launch open day on Wednesday 8th March from 2-9pm and would love you to join them. Details here>>

Tay Medispa new pedicure area

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