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Adventures, Carvings and Dog-Walks

We were recently joined at Small City by Hollie and Jenna, Nicki’s nieces, for Take Your Child To Work Day.  Always one to encourage planning, Nicki had asked the girls to prepare some photographs for a gallery.  They have chosen Kinnoull Hill – this is their fantastic result!

“We have a dog called Olly and he loves to have long walks up Kinnoull Hill. Up the hill there are lots of tree carvings and we like to go there with Olly to try to spot them.  How many have you spotted?  When we stop Olly does not like it, he barks lots!

We have found lots of carvings, Hollie’s favourite is the badger and Jenna’s is the flying owl. Kinnoull is a nice walk to see different views and sometimes you can see rabbits as well as different types of birds.

When we go up the hill we like to climb to the top and see Perth but sometimes it's tricky if it’s cloudy or the weather is bad - but it’s still fun! We like to find carvings we've already seen and also try to spot new ones. You get to see lots of new dogs and people you have not met before but if you don’t have a dog you can still go for walks.

When we go up the hill lots of people are friendly and say hi and good morning or afternoon. Sometimes you meet people you know. Olly meets new doggie friends as well.  Each time you go something has changed so we go every Saturday and sometimes again on Sunday. It’s good exercise when you get to a steep part and keeping up with Olly is always fun. On the way home you’re tired and hungry and Olly’s always muddy but a nice drive home is always relaxing.”

Gallery Photographers: Hollie and Jenna Martin took this week’s gallery images on their ipads for their ‘Take Your Child To Work’ project.  Their little dog, Olly, was a willing model!