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There are so many milestones in a baby’s first year – first tooth, first word, first step – but surely one of the most exciting is that special first Christmas!

No matter if baby is just a few weeks old or fast approaching their first birthday, the joy of having a new little person to make festive memories with is very special indeed.

What you may not expect though, is the phone to start ringing sometime in mid-November as every member of your immediate family and friends group calls to ask what they can buy baby for Christmas. ‘What do they need?’ – usually nothing… “What would you like?” - a full night’s sleep!... And so on!

The joy of having a new little person to make festive memories with is very special indeed.

What’s important to remember here is that they are only a baby! That may sound obvious but the truth is that they really won’t be impressed with piles of presents, or yet another cuddly toy. Instead, why don't you start a new family tradition that can be built on as the years go by, or passed on to future generations?

We went out to our #SmallCityFamilies group and asked readers to send us their ideas for gifts that could become as cherished as those first year’s memories. Simple, thoughtful, and in some cases free, these are our favourites from the list.

Wooden Toys

We’re big fans of Wooden Toys; they look lovely, age well and stand the test of time - most are indestructible! Far more likely to be passed on than their plastic counterparts, we also love their green credentials. Fun wooden skittles from JoJo Maman Bébé are just the thing - perfect for storytelling, bowling and tiny hands!



Why not start a special charm collection to represent each passing year? These can then be used to create a beautiful bracelet or necklace once they reach teenage years. If you pop into Number Five in Perth they’ll design and make you your very own!

Write them a letter

Get your baby a little wooden box with their name on it. Each year you write them a letter, and put it in the box for safe keeping until they’re older. Use it to detail a snapshot in time - tell them their favourite food, how they love to dance, or tell a funny story about their first encounter with Santa! You can also include some silly facts like the price of milk.

Kilt Pin

Giving them a personalised Kilt Pin at an early age is a lovely way to embrace their Scottish heritage and jewellers like Byers & Co on George Street are able to create a bespoke one using your loved ones birth stones and sentimental markings.

Mini Library

Why not start a library of books for your little one to read when they're older? This is a brilliant idea for grandparents, aunts and uncles and you can add to it every year on birthdays and Christmases. Check out Glendoick's wonderful range of children's books in their beautiful festive gift hall!


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