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Time Teens: The Beginning is HERE!

By 15th January 2015

Cast your mind back to December and our Big Personality blog with Mr Ian Grieve. We told you all about his amazing project with Ryan Alexander Dewar, Time Teens: The Beginning. In case you’ve not heard, this is a 2 hour feature length movie filmed entirely in Perthshire and Angus and it is due for public release on Friday 20th February, following a super glam Premiere on Sunday 15th.

Small City is a sponsor – we are officially the reason the movie has sound – and I am beyond excited!  Given that there are a gazillion things we could’ve put our money and name to, why choose this? Well, I just love that proper ‘baws oot’ moxy that sees a grown man write a script, find a partner as full of gumption as he is, talk a large number of well-known Scottish artists and technicians into working for free and pulling the whole damn thing off! All in his home city. That my friends, is exactly the sort of spirit we LOVE here at #SmallCity.

Time Teens Counsel

The film is very much an independent movie, with a European rather than American edge to it. The heart of the story is set around Time Travel but forget your usual sci-fi scenario. This is full on drama with strong writing and some clever, unexpected twists and turns along the way.  You'll need to pay attention, and question everything! Here’s the jist of it…

Time Travel exists. William is a pilgrim time traveller policing time crime under the Council of Nine in Perth, Scotland. When William is sent a letter from the future, he is shown what might happen if he continues on his current path. What would happen if he changed it?

The impressive array of Scottish actors were supported by a fantastic number of local community actors from the Perth area, including the 'Teens' in the title. As we mentioned, everyone involved waived their fees and expenses in order to bring the project to fruition.

They were also supported by other in-kind sponsors whose donations included venues, refreshments and equipment hire… For me, this is part of the magic. People rallied, people wanted this to happen and to be part of it in some small way. They have given our small city a chance to be part of something amazing.

The post-production budget was formed from a handful of financial sponsors and with G1’s Perth Playhouse also supporting the Premier night and a week-long public screening following the opening event. 

The cast of actors include:

  • Ian Grieve (Coalition, Garrows Law, Rebus), 
  • Andy Gray (City Lights, Two thousand acres of Sky, Rab C Nesbitt)
  • Tom McGovern (Reichenbach Falls, Doctors, Holby City)
  • Liam Brennan (Recently returned from Broadway and seasoned Globe Theatre actor)
  • Ralph Riach (Cloud Atlas, Monarch of the Glen, Joan of Arc)
  • Annie Louise Ross (Katie Morag,Trainspotting, The Acid House)

Time Teens Trio

What Next?

Time Teens: The Beginning is a pilot film for a TV series written by Ian. As well as creating this amazing film, it is hoped that his collaboration with Ryan will prove that Tayside is the perfect home for a new Scottish film production industry.  When you see Perth laid out as the backdrop to this stunning cinematography you will be left in no doubt that their vision for this is entirely possible. The Time Teens production showcases the area’s versatile landscape, unique infrastructure and wealth of original talent.

February’s upcoming premier of the two hour long feature film will be the launch-pad for this and, it is hoped, highlight the very real potential of their ambitious project.

Time Teens Inside

Here’s what Ian said…

“The idea for Time Teens has been with me for many years and as well as the film, there is TV series script written and ready to shoot. When I started working with Ryan we knew that we had an opportunity to create something that could become a quality showpiece and give credence to the development of a film production industry in Tayside. It’s been a long time in the making but Teen Times is everything we imagined and more” 

“A film industry would benefit business, industry, community groups and individuals. By showcasing Perthshire and Angus as a desirable location for other film and TV productions we could reinvigorate the rural and city centre economies, create jobs and further promote the area as a desirable holiday destination. This is a very real opportunity that we want local people and businesses to embrace and support. Ultimately, we would like to attract funding to make the Time Teen series and to realise this goal.”


You can see Time Teens:TheBeginning at Perth Playhouse between 20th and 26th February, giving all of us Perthites an opportunity to see it before it begins its tour of the 2015 British and International film festival circuit. WHOOP WHOOP!

Keep an eye on Small City, we’re building them a wee section so they don’t need to pay for a website! (And you know, if it makes Cannes I’m locking Amanda in a cupboard and going with them!)


The Official Bit!

Perth based independent production companies, Dreamcastle Films and Baudelaire Productions have joined forces to produce their second feature length film. ‘Time Teens:The Beginning’ will premiere at Perth Playhouse on Sunday 15th February in an exclusive gala event. 

Dreamcastle Films is an independent film production company based in Perth, Scotland, owned in full by Ryan Alexander Dewar.  Baudelaire Productions is an independent film production company based in Perth, Scotland, owned in full by Ian Grieve.

Time Teens Ian Amanda

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