Understanding Allergies, Intolerances and Fears through the Feet

The Body Speaks Volumes

6th JUNE 2017


The Perth Subud Centre

7 St. Leonards Bank
Perth and Kinross
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Understanding Allergies, Intolerances and Fears through the Feet
Chris Stormer-Fryer, author and presenter from South Africa, will be returning to Perth to share a brand new Presentation on Natural Health and Healing.  The Body Speaks volumes will be looking at understanding allergies, intolerances and fears through the Feet.  
Chris has been presenting world wide for the past 26 years, and has to date 7 published books on the subject of Reflexology and Natural Health and Healing.  She was the founder of the Reflexology Academy of South Africa and is one of the leading lights in the field of Reflexology.
Her presentations are interactive and open to anyone with a genuine interest in Health & Healing, as well as to Practitioners and Reflexologists.  Chris has an effervescent spirit, is truly inspiring and many previous delegates have found her presentations life changing.
As well as the exciting content of Chris's presentation Notes, Certificates and light refreshments are included in the price.
To book or for further information contact Di Scott by email scott7bu@btinternet.com. Course Fee £70