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Ahhh the Summer Holidays are in full swing and as much as we LOVE spending quality time with our little cherubs, Let’s face it – Keeping them entertained for a solid six weeks is a challenge in itself!

That’s why your friends at Small city, your loyal #Mumsquad have pulled together a bumper list of fun things to do with kids of all ages whether rain or shine. So next time you feel the need to reach for an afternoon glass of wine, check out our “Summer Holiday Plans with Small City” page and we can guide you in the right direction of super fun things to do this Summer!



Living in Perth we are completely spoilt for choice with the outdoor playground that we have on our doorstep. Perthshire’s vast beautiful landscape means that you only need to step outside your front door and an outdoor adventure awaits. We have had a look at some of the best outdoors adventures to have with your little ones

Perth Races Family Day 7

>Take advantage of this glorious sunshine and pack a picnic. Wether it's Hills, Glens, Waterfalls or City parks we have compiled a list of the perfect picnic spots in Perthshire. Get the whole family involved in the picnic prep with these healthy, light and simple picnic recipe ideas.

> Go pick some strawbs at Broadslap Fruit Farm. There's nothing better than little muddy feet and messy faces running through the strawberry fields covered in strawberry juice. After you've tired them out you can head to the farm shop and cafe for a well deserved cup of tea. Don't fancy picking strawbs and only want to eat them? Visit the fruit shack at Mains Of Errol one of the area’s most prominent producers of Strawberrys - we can confirm they are mighty tasty!

> Scavenger Hunts are an activity for your wild ones! If ‘let’s go for a walk’ is met with a resounding dragging of feet in your house, the scavenger hunt concept will make it interesting, provide a distraction and turn it into an adventure. If more impetus is required, add a friend or two into the mix and all of a sudden the kids are racing out the door and asking what’s taking you so long!

Scavenger Hunt three under tree

> Natural obstacle courses at Wee Adeventures are a great way to let your little ones burn off some energy in the Summer sun. Head to your nearest woodland area and create an obstacle course, turn a log into a balancing beam, climb a fallen tree as a walk way or use sticks to create a zig zag path to jump, hop or skip along, keeping between the edges. A great free way for your kids to have lots of fun using their imagination.



We know how important it is to have a back up plan incase our lovely Scottish summer has its usual downpour. We have put ur heads together to come up with some fool proof ideas of indoor activities that will keep you busy throughout the hols.

Glendoick Garden Centre - Soft Play Area

 > Glendoick Garden Centre have installed a soft play area. Just a skip, hop and a jump away from Perth. Glendoick provides Soft Play with a difference. Adults can browse the gorgeous plants and dream garden inspo that Glendoick has to offer then sit back and relax in the foodhall with some tasty lunch while the little ones roam free. 

> Another EXCELLENT way to spend a rainy day is with our Small City Craft's Coloumn. Hannah has been busy prepairing some easy DIY craft's that you can do at home. The shake and tap drum is a favourite with our toddlers in the office! Super easy to do and will keep them entertained for hours. Feeling more ambitious? Try out ther crafty "how to make a wind chime" or one for all Star Wars fans - Create your own Lightsaber!


Live Active Kids Swimming

We can't think of a better way to spend a rainy day than SWIMMING! Live active Leisure have the best memberhsip deal around making regular trips to the swimming baths and excersise for the whole family fun and afforable.  Perth Leisure Pool has been one of Scotland's most popular visitor attractions since it opened its doors in 1988. This wonderful venue boasts training water, leisure water, flumes, a gym, health suite and so much more!



That's right you heard us correct! We have a list of activites that are absoloutely FREE. We know how expensive the Summer holiday's can be with costant outings, snacks, cinema trips and requests for more pocket money - No you really don't need another sparkly unicorn pencil case! Here is our list of the top free activties that won't cost you a penny.

Easter RSPB girl in grass

> Go for a walk! We know it might sound simple but going for a walk ... (or make it going on a bear hunt) is a great way to get them out the house for free and clear the cobwebs this Summer. We are so lucky in Pertshire that we have so many fantastic walk's within a short distance. Pack a picnic and challenge the family to do one of the 28 munroes in our area.

Attend one of the St Johns Shopping Centre Free Summer workshops. For four weeks throughout the Summer holidays St John's are providing FREE workshops for all the family to attend. You can enjoy a browse around the shops while the kids practice their fastest football kick or rugby throw with Dave Anderson's Hot Shots.



We have put together some of our favourite recipes that are super simple and easy to make. Guaranteed to put a smile on all faces at the dinner table. Get your little ones to pull up a chair and do an at home cookery class with these tasty simple recipes.

River loves a messy tea time

 > Strawberries are now in season, and this easy to make strawberry milkshake is a perfect summer treat in the hotter weather. Its super easy to make (We promise) and is a tasty treat to keep both the kids and adults happy

> Fed up of eating the same things all Summer holidays? Veggie Burrito Bowls are a healthy alternative to another Fajita night. Get the kids involved picking out the ingredients for their bowls. The recipe can be easily tweaked and each bowl made slightly different. This low cost meal is DELICIOUS with minimal effort and a prep time of only 10 minutes - That's what we like to hear

> Avocado Toast is a firm family favourite in the office. Easy to make and super scrumptious it fills up tummys for a full day of adventure and is a winner with Children of all ages. Our Avocado, Feta and mint on sourdough is a simple recipe with a little update. Have it for Breakast, Lunch or snacks.

Burrito Bowls - landscape

Making your own Ice lollys is fun, cheap and yummy. Gill Murray talks us through how to make some strawberry and cream Ice Pops to keep in your freezer for those Hot summer days - YUMMY

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