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Kick Start The Band

By 3rd April 2017

Homegrown musical heroes, Red Pine Timber Company are pulling at both your heart and your purse strings with the release of their new single Hollow Tree.  The band, who have toured the length and breadth of the UK – including a much-lauded local concert in Perth Concert Hall - with their critically acclaimed Different Lonesome album, are inviting fans to become part of their history by throwing a few pounds into the musical money pot to help them raise £10,000 for pressing, promoting and touring their highly anticipated new album.

2 RED PINEHowever, being a solid bunch of decent people they’re not asking for something for nothing; their Kickstarter campaign has a huge range of rewards on offer including album preorders, private concerts and RPTC merchandise.  In fact, if you have a few quid stashed away and you’d like to organise your a private gig in your kitchen or see them do a rendition of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen then get pledging folks!

Here’s what you could buy:

  • £5 – Social Media Shout Out
  • £10  - Digital copy of the album (so, basically a pre-order. What do you have to lose?!)
  • £25 – Physical copy of both albums signed by the band
  • £50 – A fabulous merchandise package
  • £75 – Exclusive t-shirt and unreleased music
  • £100 – A signed copy of handwritten lyrics
  • £250 – A visit to the recording studio while the album is finalised 
  • £500 – A recording of an accoustic Band Cover of any song you wish
  • £1000 - An accoustic concert in your home!
  • £1500 – A full band concert in your venue
  • £2000 – A spot in the credits as an associate producer

Donate Here Now by April 9th 2017>>>

£10,000 sounds like a lot of money, and it is. However when you factor in what is needed to release and market our album, the costs start to add up:

Pressing and Marketing: Now that the record is finished, Red Pine need to press hundreds of copies to sell to people at gigs or in record stores as well as sending them away to radio stations up and down the country. 

Booking a Tour: This is arguably the most crucial step in the whole process. That’s why the band want to work with a booking agent to organise and book a 12-date tour spread over 6 weeks. They aim to travel to places we've never been before to promote, sell and share the new album with everyone.

We caught up with Gav Munro, band frontman to chat about the decision to take to the very modern way of funding an album.

“Were on our third pressing of Different Lonesome now and although that’s 3000 copies we’ve never quite made enough to take things to the next level.   With The hollow Tree, we already have a loyal fanbase but pressing a new album and underwriting a tour is an expensive business. Everything from booking the ferries to paying a local guy to put up posters needs to be paid up front.   

RED PINE Gavin MunroWe’ve funded the recording – which was heavily discounted by my sister Fiona at Clearwater – and we’ve been out busking but we just need that extra cash to get us launched on a high.  We know it’s asking a lot, we know that people have far better things to donate to, but I would ask anyone who cares about music, about live gigs and a local scene, to help us make this happen.”

If you’d like to help be part of this fantastic band’s next big success then what are you waiting for? Donate now and you could be listening to the albumn, wearing the t-shirt or moving your bed up against the wall for a live set in your back room!


Our Small City Reviewer, Colin McSloy, gave us his take on the new single:

Hollow Tree, the new single from Perth Americana band Red Pine Timber Company is a song about the sort of illicit love affair you would read about in classic novels like The Go Between or Lady Chatterley’s Lover.  Presumably geographical landmarks like the Hollow Tree of the title were used to help negotiate forbidden love in the days before Ashley Madison and Tinder!  The song was recorded in Perth at Clearwater studios but hearing the amazing horn sound that the band (who self-produced) manages to capture you wouldn’t have to suspend belief too hard to imagine it was recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals.

This new single, released on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon on March the 10th, has all the makings of a great modern country song. 

The song starts low key with acoustic guitar, some distant sounding fiddle (David MacFarlane again) and a touch of tasteful pedal steel, then the song starts to build when the drums (Ivan Sveda), bass (Dave Shaw) and some twangy telecaster lead (Michael McNabb)kick in, providing fitting accompaniment to the bittersweet vocals from Gav Munro and Katie Whittaker. 

1 RED PINEHowever, where the song really takes off for me is with the brass instrumental, ably played by Chris Marshall and Neil J Ewen, at the fifty second mark.  The blend of the horns and traditional country instrumentation lend the track an alt-country vibe reminiscent of great Nashville band Lambchop. 

The chorus that follows is suitably anthemic, with a catchy vocal hook and Dave’s fiddle in full flow and the eight piece band producing a really big sound.  This give’s way to a nice bit of mandolin picking and after another verse the song builds to a Southern tinged crescendo with Katie’s vocal chords, the brass section and Dave’s fiddle all showing what they are made of.

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