18 June 2016 Podcast #7
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The Caravan Move Continues!

By 18th June 2016

Welcome to this week’s podcast. Gosh this week has been intense. Like camping” In-tents” Och come on!

I move into the caravan on Saturday. Do you know how much of a mission it is to move your life into a 2 berth micro home?

Let me tell you it’s the BIGGEST thing I have ever done in my life and I’ve done some pretty intense stuff. You know, there’s no guidebook on “Moving your extsistence into a mobile home effectively”

Anyhoo it really is fun. I have pondered every single thing that I own and its purpose in my life now and if it’s not practical or useful in some way. It’s OOT!

So now I’m set with the task of getting everything into the caravan. I won’t know until Saturday if it will fit and that is giving me the heebie jeebies.

The first point of call is in Perth. I have decided to stay close to home at the moment to make sure everything works and to get into the routine of caravan living. So I’ll be up at Noah’s Ark Caravan site in Perth for a wee while until I find my feet. They have already been super helpful and kind so I think we will like it there. More about them next week in my caravan review.

So you’ll see a few wee taster shots of the caravan inside on the podcast page. I’ll be doing a wee before and after video soon so you can see the results of all my hard work and to where your donation moneys been put. Exciting :-)

So I’d better get back to it. Time to start packing the kitchen. To be honest I have left this room to last on purpose as it looks like the most tricky and boring. (deep breath)

Please wish me lots of luck and success.

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Peace Love n Music

Lady Miss Em X


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18 June 2016 Podcast #7