16 July 2016 Podcast #11

A Road Trip and Family Time in Oxford

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Good day Me Hearties,

So here I am around 69 miles for my next gig in North Manchester typing this week’s bio.

Dougal and I have just been out sitting in the glorious sunshine for an hour’s Rest and Recuperation at the motorway services (well I was sitting in the sunshine he was playing ball)

So far this life on the road is fantastic. Sure it has its annoyances like missing my and banging my knees, head and elbows ALL the time inside the caravan as I have no spatial awareness but it seems to be working for me.

I just have  to share with you all my video of me getting ready to hit the road! I'm super stoked at my caravan attaching skills!:)

I like being in different places exploring and watching my furry wee friends constantly adapting to their new surroundings, new friends and family. I have to say I’m gobsmacked at how well the wee Kat has adapted. If you had told me a month a go that my housecat would love life on the road I would have called you a liar.

Anyhoo.. The gig down in Carterton went great. I could see the pride on my family’s faces when I sang and that was humbling and amazing. My wee cousin got up on stage and rapped while I sang.

That was a total highlight for me. I admit I had a tear in my eye seeing my wee family so proud of us up there doing our thing and ROCKING the joint!!

It was super awesome to re-connect to my family. You have to do it yourselves. You’ll be surprised how many things they remember about you that you had forgotten. I now know where my great big smile comes from and my massive passion for music because they all have the same! :D

My cousin and I went busking in Oxford for the day and had an absolute blast. He’s my booking agent down south now as he has connections and the right attitude too so I’m super stoked to know I’ll be heading down there again ASAP for more gigs possibly even in London. Ooooh.. Watch this space Mother Lovers!

Ok it’s time to hit the road again Gig time tonight at ‘The Towler’ in Totington. A nice welcoming wee halfway stop before heading back to Bonnie Scotland this weekend for more gigs.

Hope to catch you at one soon and this is my facebook page if you wanna come along and be entertained for an evening. >>>

Enjoy this week’s podcast and Be Happy, Peace me Hearties X


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