7 May 2016 Podcast #3
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Lady Miss Emma Is Clearing Out!

By 7th May 2016

Hey Up!

Here’s this week’s podcast to tickle your ear holes.

As you all well know I’m moving into a caravan as my permanent home so I’ve been clearing out a lot recently.

I have to say it’s a very interesting process. I’ve saved so much stuff over the last 14 years and pretty much most of it doesn’t even reflect who I am anymore. It’s like an old life from the past.

It’s VERY therapeutic I’ll say. I have to micro size my life. It comes down to “Do I really need this?” with pretty much everything that I own. Try it!

So this week’s podcast has a moving on, clearing out “Theme”. Thanks to everyone who got involved through the facebook pages. Listen out for your requests!

The video you’ll see here on my page is of the ceiling of the caravan which is now STUNNING gold! The other pictures are to highlight the amount of stuff I’m clearing out weekly. This is the third pile of this size!

Keep the comments and requests coming! I love to hear from you.

Love, Lady Miss Em X


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7 May 2016 Podcast #3