14 May 2016 Podcast #4
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Dougall Gets His Passport!

By 14th May 2016

Hi Everyone!

This week’s podcast is a wee thank you!

I’ve realised recently that it’s all been a bit me, me me! So I decided that this podcast is more you.

Very frequently in my radical wee life I get folks coming up to me and sharing with me that they loved a funny voice I used to do or a particular item or song I played on my Drivetime show. So I decided this week to focus on the music I know you all like, the items and the voices I get most comments about and a few TUNES for some of you.

I will get round to playing a song for everyone who has helped me on my Radical Ramble so far but It was difficult to get everyone into an hour podcast but Watch This Space! Your time will come you beautiful ones!

If you look at the pictures below you’ll see my wee Dougal’s new haircut and his feather and colour gyspy-dog, adornment and a picture of his Passport. We are free to Ramble On now!

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Hope to see you at a gig soon!

Leave me comments in the box below if ye fancy. Request’s appreciated. (((BIGHEARTHUGS)))

Lady Miss X



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14 May 2016 Podcast #4