Cain Martin : Graphic Designer

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What is your job, when did you start, how did you come to be here?
I do all of the Graphic Design for print at Small City, such as the Food & Drink Magazine. I also sometimes make video content and take photographs. I have been doing this on-and-off since Small City started, however after finishing university this year I have been more involved. 
Having studied a design course, it was only natural that I help out in my Mum's business. I work freelance from a studio in Glasgow and also have other clients.
Best thing that’s ever happened to you at work.
That one's easy! Me and Gary had the opportunity to do the Highland Fling Bungee in Killiecrankie, whilst writing an article for the 2017 Small City Summer magazine. I am a big fan of action sports, but I'd never done something like that before. It's not often you get to do a Bungee Jump at work.
It's not often you get to do a Bungee Jump at work!
What is the best part of your job?
The best part of the job is the feeling of finishing a big design project, and sending off the file to the printers. Of course, that is followed by the most nerve-wracking part of the job; opening the delivery and hoping that you didn't miss any mistakes!
What signals starts of days off?
For me, a cooked breakfast of eggs, veg and chilli, followed by a day riding BMX.
What might people be surprised to know about you?
I run an instagram page dedicated to posting videos of people tipping the last crumbs of their crisp packets into their mouths. 
What's at the top of your bucket list?
I really want to do a skydive one day. There are also a few cities which I'd like to travel to with my bike, LA and Tokyo are both high on the list. 
Who or what inspires you?
In design; Zach Lieberman, DBLG Agency, Benoît Bodhuin. In BMX; Dakota Roche, Alex Donnachie, Richard Forne.
What day would you love to live again?
I think I would choose something from my childhood, as I won't get the chance to re-live those moments again. Maybe the day I got Pokemon Red for my gameboy, or the day I first learned to bunnyhop up a kerb.
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